The rabbits are done.  They are all sewn together.  They all have faces (some of which are cuter than others but I just keep reminding myself that two year olds don’t really care if their rabbit has slightly “puffy” cheeks or “close” eyes).  Rabbits on Guitar I did do a couple of modifications to the pattern (I couldn’t help myself).  I made them have “hands” by increasing a little extra on the arms, knitting a couple rows, and then decreasing back down.  I also made seed stitch, short row, extra long, floppy ears.  Rabbits in Mint

It turns out that one skein of Plymouth Encore Worsted will make three rabbits with some yarn to spare.  This is always my go-to toy yarn – soft, washable, reasonably cheap, and comes in tons of good colors.  I usually knit it on size 4 needles for toys to create a denser fabric – makes it harder for the stuffing to escape.  The eyes are french knots, which sometimes works for me and other times, the yarn just pulls through.  But, I just found this tutorial, which finally made me get how to do them for reals.

I also present to you:Rabbit Clothes Blocking…rabbit clothing drying in the bathroom.  There is more knit but not yet blocked, primarily because the ends still need to be woven in.  I somehow forgot that while rabbit clothes are small and super fast, they each will have a minimum of two ends to be woven in.  Which is not fast.  And not my favorite thing to do.  But they are cute, so I’ll do it.  And as proof of how cute and addictive Rabbit clothing knitting is, I kept planning more items after I started knitting in the ends of the completed knitting.  I expect that at some point, I’ll be done with this tiny clothing phase, but it hasn’t happened yet.

Mixed in with knitting the rabbits and their wardrobes, I’ve also worked on my super bright socks.  On Your Toes Sock almost doneThis is one sock, done except for grafting.  I tried it on and it seemed like it was squashing my toes a bit, so the toe may get ripped out and re-knit.  But I have to try it on again after I’ve tried on normal socks.  It may be just that my toes don’t remember what socks feel like because I haven’t actually worn anything other than flip flops for four months.

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Knitting binge continued

Despite the fact that it’s been windy (and in one of my other lives, I’m a pretty avid kiteboarder so windy means I’m on the water kiting and thus not knitting), I’ve continued my serious knitting binge.  Sorry if the pictures here are not amazing – my digital camera has decided it really prefers to take video and thus switches randomly on its own to video mode frequently.  You have to shake the camera until it switches to normal camera mode and then take the picture really fast before it switches back to video mode to make it work.

1.  Spud got a face!  Apparently, the desire to post actually finished pictures overwhelmed my usual tendency to leave the final details until the last minute.  Spud with face

2.  I’ve worked some on the Rabbits.  I now have one complete rabbit (yes, I know, I had that by the last post), and two complete rabbits in parts (two bodies, two heads, and four ears) waiting to be stitched together.  This is a good thing, since, in my amazing inability to delay gratification, I’ve decided that two of them are not going to be the “yay, you’re an older sibling” present because that would mean I would have to wait until October and January to give those two.  And I can’t wait that long.  Instead, they are going to be the “random Aunt Susan (aka Aunt Uza by one who can’t quite pronounce my name) is visiting” presents.  Which means I have to finish them (including clothing and maybe a suitcase for the clothes) in the next week or so.  Rabbit bodies without heads look pretty funny.ALSAP Rabbit Body

3. Despite this deadline, I’ve worked on some other things as well.  Including a washcloth.  Yes, I have many completed washcloths waiting to be given as presents.  But, they still qualify as some of the best easy, satisfying knits.  This one is knit in one of my favorite Peaches ‘n Cream colorways (which I have no idea what it is called) and uses Barbara Walker’s Woven Stitch.  And yes, I still have to weave in the ends.IMG_0006

4. Maybe because I’ve been binging on old Yarn Harlot’s blog posts, I’ve been in the mood to knit socks.  I’ve made socks before, but never been a full on convert.  But, I had some sock yarn sitting out from making Rabbit clothing.  And I couldn’t resist; I cast on for a basic sock but in a colorway that is totally not my normal style.  IMG_0002This is sock yarn that I got intending to make something for one of my nieces who typically walks around in pink shoes and a purple tutu.  But, somehow, I couldn’t resist.  And I can’t stop knitting them.  I keep saying I’m just going to knit until the next color change.  And then I find myself four stripes down and still knitting.  IMG_0013Luckily, the yarn was on a really good sale so I have two skeins so my niece can still get something TBD with this yarn because I do think she will love the colors.  Maybe socks to match mine?  Is it crazy to make homemade socks for a two year old?  Legwarmers?  Mittens?  

PS Does anyone else get hairballs on their yarn while they knit?  I have some long hair that tends to get everywhere, but this is annoying and kind of disgusting.IMG_0009

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Babies and Toys


My family appears to reproduce in sync (well, not me, but a subset of my family).  My sisters and one of my cousins each had kids about two years ago.  These were the first children of the next generation and there were three of them born within 5 months.  Now, guess what?  My sisters and that same cousin are all pregnant again.  Well…its actually my cousin’s wife who is pregnant, but let’s not get too technical.  And they are all due once again within 5 months of each other.

Which means that it’s time for me to get busy knitting.  All of the new babies of course need a knitted toy to celebrate their arrival.  And maybe some booties as well.  But then, the two year olds can’t get ignored so also need a toy.  And maybe a sweater too since they’ve finally stopped changing sizes every 3 months so a sweater might actually fit them for a year (or two if I make it big).  And I’ve been in knitting mode anyway (and its August so bloody hot so toys are perfect).  Anyway, in reasonably quick order, I churned out a Spud. Spud I’ve knit him before and I know that I love him.  Yes, the stitch that makes him all woolly takes a little extra time but its fun and looks cool so he goes by super fast.  And all of the other parts of him are small and designed make you feel very successful as you knock them out (I’m sure that was Susan Anderson’s plan as she designed him…not to make him look cute).  Anyway, all he lacks is a face (yes, this will take all of 5 minutes but probably will not happen until 3 minutes before I plan to mail him off to the recipient).  Of course, Spud is for the baby with the latest due date, but I couldn’t resist starting him and (almost) finishing him.

I then switched over to the ALSAP Rabbit.  ALSAP stands for “As Little Sewing As Possible.”  Just my kind of pattern.  The initial plan was that the ALSAP would be for the first baby (due this month).  Long arms, legs, and ears would be easy for a little one to grab hold of (and who can resist this kind of thought).  Well, I knit him up.  And he was cute.  A little smaller than I expected (my fault for not looking at the finished size on the pattern), but cute.  ALSAP RabbitBut he seemed to be missing something.  And then, I fell down the rabbit hole.  Or more accurately, the rabbit clothing hole.  I knit the rabbit a sweater.  ALSAP Rabbit and SweaterIt was cute and easy and finished in a very short amount of time.  Then I decided the rabbit needed a hat and scarf.  ALSAP Rabbit with scarf and hatAnd then I started thinking about what else the rabbit could have for clothing.  And maybe it could have a suitcase too.  Which would really work better to give to the 2 year olds, so really there should be three rabbits.  Mainly because then I can knit 3 times the amount of rabbit clothing.  I currently have one complete rabbit, one headless rabbit, and a 3rd rabbit who solely consists of two arms.  But, to clothe these rabbits, I have two sweaters, two short sleeve sweaters, three vests, two ruffly skirts, two hats, two scarves, a pair of overalls, and plans for shorts, pants, purses, socks/shoes, etc.  Rabbit hole, indeed!

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Knitting Cartoon

Somehow, I could see this being true about me 🙂


From Makin’ology via Neatorama.


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Surgery Recovery Presents Part II

Besides the hat, I wanted to include something else more specific to surgery recovery in the care package for my friend.  I thought about a book because he has a little more time than usual to read, but he mainly reads sci-fi and I know nothing of that genre.  Then, the day after surgery, he talked about how he managed to get coffee that morning by filling a mug, putting it on a plate, and shoving it across the floor with a crutch one step at a time.  Creative, but there had to be an easier way.  I had an old travel mug so figured I would include that (easier than trying to carry around a normal mug), but he still needed a way to carry it.  A quick Google search of crutch bags turned up several commercial options and one homemade one.  They didn’t seem that complicated and so with some fabric scraps, a little velcro, a pair of crutches from the basement for testing purchases, and one evening, this is what I came up with:


It appears to work quite well for carrying all sorts of stuff and it was quick to sew up (did it in one evening from inspiration to finished product).  And I made it out of an old, ripped up pair of his shorts so I know he’ll like the fabric (the pocket is from the shorts too, although I had to pick it off the butt of the shorts and re-sew it to the bag – bit of a pain but it adds a nice touch).


And its super easy to attach thanks to a little velcro.


Not too shabby if I do say so myself.  Hopefully, he enjoys it.

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Surgery Recovery Presents

A friend of mine just had knee surgery, so I wanted to send him a care package, but the question was what to put in it.

Prior to surgery, he had been waxing on about an old hat that he loved but lost (yes, I know, it sounds like the knitting version of a romance novel).  Gray alpaca with ear-flaps.  Anyway, I wanted to replace his hat (especially since surgery meant he was going to be laid up in Michigan for the winter), but maybe with something a little different.  Don’t tell him this, but I wasn’t sure he could pull off ear-flaps anymore(or at least, I’ll say “anymore” in case this makes it back to him).  I had some green Cascade 220 from a failed previous project that seemed like a good base yarn.  And then while we were visiting each other, I had him help me pick some contrasting colors at Knit Temptations, a super nice yarn store outside Columbus, Ohio.  Knitting Temptations will get remembered for the needle closet, the excellent tea place across the parking lot, and the woman there who had made impressive knit skirts – they’ve never been something I’ve thought about making, but hers were quite nice.

Anyway, two attempts later, I had a knit hat.  The first version, despite being to gauge and measured correctly, appeared to be massive.  He was now far away and out of trying-on range.  I know his head is bigger than mine, but I refuse to believe it is as ginormous as the hat turned out.  So, ripping and re-knitting ensued.  The finished hat is a little big on me and thus likely to be perfect for him (fingers-crossed).


The stripe pattern was devised using a combination of an excel spreadsheet to try out different stripe patterns (yes, I’m a dork) and using Biscuits and Jam’s random stripe generator.  I fiddled some to make the stripes jog-less using a couple different techniques and am pretty happy with how it turned out.  Its not perfect, but close enough for me (as you can see below.

And, look, this is actually a post about my knitting.  What a novel concept.


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One more random cool wool thing

I just found one more awesome cool wool thing (can you tell that I’m procrastinating everything else I’m supposed to be doing today?).  How amazing is this yarn bombing?

Also, the rest of the pictures from their Top 100 Pics of 2012 are pretty amazing (and include my other two loves, tiny houses and kiteboarding!).

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