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Knitting Cartoon

Somehow, I could see this being true about me ūüôā   From Makin’ology via Neatorama.   Advertisements

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Ravelry, Pinterest, and Holiday Crafting (for reals)

Because I’m in my month of super flexible scheduling, I’ve managed to lose massive amounts of time to the internet, primarily to four sites. 1) Ravelry. ¬†Need I say more? ¬†I did have a very, very nice Ravelry¬†moment where I … Continue reading

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Holiday knitting, crafts, and sorting

Because knitting, crafting, and sorting always go together at the holidays. ¬†Not. ¬†But they are for me because of my slightly wacky, nomadic lifestyle for the last couple years. ¬†Once upon a time, I lived in NYC for five years. … Continue reading

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Not knitting, but cool wool stuff

I’m working on a new pattern (plus I’ve knit what seems like a ton of baby presents that I have pictures to show off), but for today…check out these really cool wool landscapes. Also, today, I managed to avoid going … Continue reading

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