Another Susan

I have a bit of a knitting crush.  On someone with an awesome name.  Susan.  But, a much more famous Susan than me.  Susan B. Anderson to be exact.  I’ve knit a fair number of knitted toys.  But Susan Anderson’s are always cute, well-written, the right mix of simple and interesting, and knit in the round.  I realized how much she’s become my go-to source of toys when all three of the toys I’m knitting for the incoming babies (the first of whom was born yesterday!) are Susan Anderson patterns.  Anyway, for the first new baby, I give you Ribbit, knit in Sugar ‘n Cream.  RibbitI’ve knit this pattern before, but not with the tennis ball.  Instead, I usually stuff the body and add in a rattle or a bell.  But this one has the tennis ball and is pretty cute, if I do say so myself.

On the Susan Anderson subject, she also did an awesome interview on the Fiber Hooligan podcast.

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