Baby booties and a present for me

I pulled out my stock of leftover sock yarn while working on the rabbit clothing.  And it has all been sitting on our pool table for the last week or two.  [Yes, we have a rather large pool table in our living room which came with our apartment.  No, this has not turned me into a pool shark.  Somehow, it is usually used for piling clean laundry, folding clean laundry, and holding knitting.]  Anyway, I decided it wasn’t all going to be used for rabbit clothing so thought that maybe the new babies should get some cute booties.  Small, quick, satisfying – just my level these days.  I started on the Yarn Harlot’s cutest booties.  Yarn Harlot booties purple

About halfway through the first booty (bootie?  I think its booty but I’m not knitting a butt), I got the sneaking suspicion I wouldn’t have enough yarn with this pretty purple.  The easy answer to figure this out is to weigh the half-knit booty and the remaining yarn.  To have enough, the remaining yarn would need to weigh about three times the booty.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a scale.  In the past, I’ve used my sister’s scale or a friend’s, but they are all elsewhere in the country.  I tried to use the postal scale at a kiteboarding shop that does mail-order, but it only goes down to 0.05 pounds (or about 22 grams).  Given that a pair of booties is supposed to take about 30 grams of yarn total, this doesn’t really work.  But, Amazon Prime came to the rescue and I’ll have the answer on Wednesday when this present to myself comes to my house.


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