The rabbits are done.  They are all sewn together.  They all have faces (some of which are cuter than others but I just keep reminding myself that two year olds don’t really care if their rabbit has slightly “puffy” cheeks or “close” eyes).  Rabbits on Guitar I did do a couple of modifications to the pattern (I couldn’t help myself).  I made them have “hands” by increasing a little extra on the arms, knitting a couple rows, and then decreasing back down.  I also made seed stitch, short row, extra long, floppy ears.  Rabbits in Mint

It turns out that one skein of Plymouth Encore Worsted will make three rabbits with some yarn to spare.  This is always my go-to toy yarn – soft, washable, reasonably cheap, and comes in tons of good colors.  I usually knit it on size 4 needles for toys to create a denser fabric – makes it harder for the stuffing to escape.  The eyes are french knots, which sometimes works for me and other times, the yarn just pulls through.  But, I just found this tutorial, which finally made me get how to do them for reals.

I also present to you:Rabbit Clothes Blocking…rabbit clothing drying in the bathroom.  There is more knit but not yet blocked, primarily because the ends still need to be woven in.  I somehow forgot that while rabbit clothes are small and super fast, they each will have a minimum of two ends to be woven in.  Which is not fast.  And not my favorite thing to do.  But they are cute, so I’ll do it.  And as proof of how cute and addictive Rabbit clothing knitting is, I kept planning more items after I started knitting in the ends of the completed knitting.  I expect that at some point, I’ll be done with this tiny clothing phase, but it hasn’t happened yet.

Mixed in with knitting the rabbits and their wardrobes, I’ve also worked on my super bright socks.  On Your Toes Sock almost doneThis is one sock, done except for grafting.  I tried it on and it seemed like it was squashing my toes a bit, so the toe may get ripped out and re-knit.  But I have to try it on again after I’ve tried on normal socks.  It may be just that my toes don’t remember what socks feel like because I haven’t actually worn anything other than flip flops for four months.

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