Knitting binge continued

Despite the fact that it’s been windy (and in one of my other lives, I’m a pretty avid kiteboarder so windy means I’m on the water kiting and thus not knitting), I’ve continued my serious knitting binge.  Sorry if the pictures here are not amazing – my digital camera has decided it really prefers to take video and thus switches randomly on its own to video mode frequently.  You have to shake the camera until it switches to normal camera mode and then take the picture really fast before it switches back to video mode to make it work.

1.  Spud got a face!  Apparently, the desire to post actually finished pictures overwhelmed my usual tendency to leave the final details until the last minute.  Spud with face

2.  I’ve worked some on the Rabbits.  I now have one complete rabbit (yes, I know, I had that by the last post), and two complete rabbits in parts (two bodies, two heads, and four ears) waiting to be stitched together.  This is a good thing, since, in my amazing inability to delay gratification, I’ve decided that two of them are not going to be the “yay, you’re an older sibling” present because that would mean I would have to wait until October and January to give those two.  And I can’t wait that long.  Instead, they are going to be the “random Aunt Susan (aka Aunt Uza by one who can’t quite pronounce my name) is visiting” presents.  Which means I have to finish them (including clothing and maybe a suitcase for the clothes) in the next week or so.  Rabbit bodies without heads look pretty funny.ALSAP Rabbit Body

3. Despite this deadline, I’ve worked on some other things as well.  Including a washcloth.  Yes, I have many completed washcloths waiting to be given as presents.  But, they still qualify as some of the best easy, satisfying knits.  This one is knit in one of my favorite Peaches ‘n Cream colorways (which I have no idea what it is called) and uses Barbara Walker’s Woven Stitch.  And yes, I still have to weave in the ends.IMG_0006

4. Maybe because I’ve been binging on old Yarn Harlot’s blog posts, I’ve been in the mood to knit socks.  I’ve made socks before, but never been a full on convert.  But, I had some sock yarn sitting out from making Rabbit clothing.  And I couldn’t resist; I cast on for a basic sock but in a colorway that is totally not my normal style.  IMG_0002This is sock yarn that I got intending to make something for one of my nieces who typically walks around in pink shoes and a purple tutu.  But, somehow, I couldn’t resist.  And I can’t stop knitting them.  I keep saying I’m just going to knit until the next color change.  And then I find myself four stripes down and still knitting.  IMG_0013Luckily, the yarn was on a really good sale so I have two skeins so my niece can still get something TBD with this yarn because I do think she will love the colors.  Maybe socks to match mine?  Is it crazy to make homemade socks for a two year old?  Legwarmers?  Mittens?  

PS Does anyone else get hairballs on their yarn while they knit?  I have some long hair that tends to get everywhere, but this is annoying and kind of disgusting.IMG_0009

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