Babies and Toys


My family appears to reproduce in sync (well, not me, but a subset of my family).  My sisters and one of my cousins each had kids about two years ago.  These were the first children of the next generation and there were three of them born within 5 months.  Now, guess what?  My sisters and that same cousin are all pregnant again.  Well…its actually my cousin’s wife who is pregnant, but let’s not get too technical.  And they are all due once again within 5 months of each other.

Which means that it’s time for me to get busy knitting.  All of the new babies of course need a knitted toy to celebrate their arrival.  And maybe some booties as well.  But then, the two year olds can’t get ignored so also need a toy.  And maybe a sweater too since they’ve finally stopped changing sizes every 3 months so a sweater might actually fit them for a year (or two if I make it big).  And I’ve been in knitting mode anyway (and its August so bloody hot so toys are perfect).  Anyway, in reasonably quick order, I churned out a Spud. Spud I’ve knit him before and I know that I love him.  Yes, the stitch that makes him all woolly takes a little extra time but its fun and looks cool so he goes by super fast.  And all of the other parts of him are small and designed make you feel very successful as you knock them out (I’m sure that was Susan Anderson’s plan as she designed him…not to make him look cute).  Anyway, all he lacks is a face (yes, this will take all of 5 minutes but probably will not happen until 3 minutes before I plan to mail him off to the recipient).  Of course, Spud is for the baby with the latest due date, but I couldn’t resist starting him and (almost) finishing him.

I then switched over to the ALSAP Rabbit.  ALSAP stands for “As Little Sewing As Possible.”  Just my kind of pattern.  The initial plan was that the ALSAP would be for the first baby (due this month).  Long arms, legs, and ears would be easy for a little one to grab hold of (and who can resist this kind of thought).  Well, I knit him up.  And he was cute.  A little smaller than I expected (my fault for not looking at the finished size on the pattern), but cute.  ALSAP RabbitBut he seemed to be missing something.  And then, I fell down the rabbit hole.  Or more accurately, the rabbit clothing hole.  I knit the rabbit a sweater.  ALSAP Rabbit and SweaterIt was cute and easy and finished in a very short amount of time.  Then I decided the rabbit needed a hat and scarf.  ALSAP Rabbit with scarf and hatAnd then I started thinking about what else the rabbit could have for clothing.  And maybe it could have a suitcase too.  Which would really work better to give to the 2 year olds, so really there should be three rabbits.  Mainly because then I can knit 3 times the amount of rabbit clothing.  I currently have one complete rabbit, one headless rabbit, and a 3rd rabbit who solely consists of two arms.  But, to clothe these rabbits, I have two sweaters, two short sleeve sweaters, three vests, two ruffly skirts, two hats, two scarves, a pair of overalls, and plans for shorts, pants, purses, socks/shoes, etc.  Rabbit hole, indeed!

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