Surgery Recovery Presents

A friend of mine just had knee surgery, so I wanted to send him a care package, but the question was what to put in it.

Prior to surgery, he had been waxing on about an old hat that he loved but lost (yes, I know, it sounds like the knitting version of a romance novel).  Gray alpaca with ear-flaps.  Anyway, I wanted to replace his hat (especially since surgery meant he was going to be laid up in Michigan for the winter), but maybe with something a little different.  Don’t tell him this, but I wasn’t sure he could pull off ear-flaps anymore(or at least, I’ll say “anymore” in case this makes it back to him).  I had some green Cascade 220 from a failed previous project that seemed like a good base yarn.  And then while we were visiting each other, I had him help me pick some contrasting colors at Knit Temptations, a super nice yarn store outside Columbus, Ohio.  Knitting Temptations will get remembered for the needle closet, the excellent tea place across the parking lot, and the woman there who had made impressive knit skirts – they’ve never been something I’ve thought about making, but hers were quite nice.

Anyway, two attempts later, I had a knit hat.  The first version, despite being to gauge and measured correctly, appeared to be massive.  He was now far away and out of trying-on range.  I know his head is bigger than mine, but I refuse to believe it is as ginormous as the hat turned out.  So, ripping and re-knitting ensued.  The finished hat is a little big on me and thus likely to be perfect for him (fingers-crossed).


The stripe pattern was devised using a combination of an excel spreadsheet to try out different stripe patterns (yes, I’m a dork) and using Biscuits and Jam’s random stripe generator.  I fiddled some to make the stripes jog-less using a couple different techniques and am pretty happy with how it turned out.  Its not perfect, but close enough for me (as you can see below.

And, look, this is actually a post about my knitting.  What a novel concept.


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