Neatorama (knitting and other cool things)

There are days where I spend a little time running through my blog roll while drinking my first cup of coffee and I find myself clicking through things that are just too good not to share. Today is one of those days and Neatorama is really to thank for most of it. None of it is useful, but all of it is cool!

First, on the knitted front, I’m assuming that these were not hand-knitted Shetland sweaters.

Of course, these are not only handknit sweaters, but handspun sweaters too. And you can see the “wool” source standing next to their owners.  I’m all in favor of loving one’s pets, but somehow I don’t see myself doing this from my cat’s fur anytime soon.

And now we move on to the crafty, but not knitting related posts. These are just unbelievably-cool. To have thought this up, much less actually executed this is amazing!  
In case you couldn’t figure it out, its metal sculpted in seeminly random blogs that turns into an image in the reflection on the pole. See, I told you it was cool!

This is an ingenious way to get wooden cows!  You know, the next time you want a wooden cow and happen to have a lathe lying around.  But seriously, how cool would it be if you could do this for knit mittens or whatever.

This is a bit disgusting, but you have to admire the person for the idea (its made from cow dung!)

And finally, while I always appreciate the classic snowman, I have to enjoy the variety from this house.

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