Ravelry, Pinterest, and Holiday Crafting (for reals)

Because I’m in my month of super flexible scheduling, I’ve managed to lose massive amounts of time to the internet, primarily to four sites.

1) Ravelry.  Need I say more?  I did have a very, very nice Ravelry moment where I introduced my aunt, who taught me to knit when I was 7, to Ravelry over Thanksgiving.  She was looking for a new pattern and had never heard of Ravelry.  Of course, the two patterns she liked either had a broken link or were only in old magazines, so she may not have been quite as thrilled with Ravelry as I am.  Between organizing my stash to finding random new patterns that I want to try (we won’t comment on the length of my pattern queue), its easy to pass a LOT of time on Ravelry.

2) Pinterest.  Why didn’t I get how awesome this was before?  I never really understood it or bothered to look through it until one of the random crafting tutorials I stumbled upon linked to it.  And down the Pinterest rabbit hole I went.  I come up with one craft I want to do.  I search for it on Pinterest.  I find five awesome tutorials.  All of those tutorials are on other people’s boards which have five new crafts I want to try.  And all of a sudden I have 20 tabs open on my browser going to different Pinterest boards and pins.  And this may be why I have 18 boards in just over a week.  Oops.  But, it means that instead of random lists and bookmarks that I never remember to organize, I can have a Pinterest board of potential craft ideas for my niece’s presents, another for desserts I want to bake, and a 3rd for potential ornaments to make.  It’s awesome!  Even if it eats up time like there is no tomorrow.  My one request is that Pinterest would let you rearrange pins (so I could put similar pins on my boards together), but apparently they are working on it.

3) SimpleNote – my favorite app/website for making lists.  And I love lists…especially around the holidays.

4) Hulu/Netflix – because I need something to watch while I’m knitting, organizing, etc.

Speaking of Pinterest, here’s my first two Christmas presents done off of ideas from Pinterest.  IMG_0074Tutus and fairy wands for my nieces.  It doesn’t get much girlier than these.  They are almost too girly…but I think my nieces will love them and they were so much fun to make.


The tutu is made from a piece of elastic sewn to be a circle and then strips of tulle are looped around it (good tutorials here and here).  I used four colors of tulle (two regular, two glittery) bought pre-cut rolls for each tutu.  Four colors was probably a bit overkill and my sisters may hate the glittery-ness (since it leaves a “fairy dust” of glitter behind), but I think it looks good.

IMG_0077The wand is a pom-pom made from the leftover tulle and some ribbon scraps that is hot glued to the top of a non-sharpened pencil (I didn’t have any dowels, but a pencil worked just fine).  I covered the pencil in ribbons (tacked down with a hot glue gun).  Its a combination of this idea and this tutorial.

I was going to make fairy wings as well, but I can’t get psyched to make them.  They may get felt crowns though as part of the get-up.

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