Holiday knitting, crafts, and sorting

Because knitting, crafting, and sorting always go together at the holidays.  Not.  But they are for me because of my slightly wacky, nomadic lifestyle for the last couple years.  Once upon a time, I lived in NYC for five years.  I worked a 9-5 (ok…really more like 10-7) job, I had an apartment, and I had all my yarn and crafting supplies in said apartment.  But, that’s no longer the case.  Now, I’m a bit more nomadic, spending 7 or 8 months in North Carolina, a couple months in Baltimore, and the remaining couple months traveling somewhere.

Unfortunately, all of my yarn does not fit in my little Honda Civic (aka the Gray Gosling).  Well, it would if yarn was the ONLY thing that I was trying to fit in the Gosling……my stash isn’t THAT ginormous (yet).  What I mean is that all of my yarn does not fit in the Gosling if I am also traveling with the other thigns that I need to live (like clothes, my laptop, and kiteboarding gear).  This means that most of my yarn currently resides in Baltimore at my parents’ house (with a small amount of it traveling with me to and from North Carolina).  One of my friends started laughing at me the other day because I was talking about my plans for the next year or so and mentioned that it might be time to stop being quite so nomadic.  Which he thought was totally reasonable, until I told him that the reason I might be ready to stop being quite so nomadic was because I wanted to live with all of my yarn.  Somehow, that wasn’t quite the reasoning that he was expecting

Anyway, I’m back in Baltimore for most of December and I decided it was time to open up the assorted totes and boxes and bags of yarn that have accumulated and see what I actually have (because I’m pretty sure I’ve forgotten about some of the yarn).  I started last night with the top layer and I can safely say that I have enough almost finished objects (with just ends that need to be woven in or a seam or two sewn and maybe a bit of blocking) to start a small knitwear boutique.  Although it would be quite an eclectic boutique since  it would be made up of objects that I have knit over the last ten or so years that I haven’t decided to wear or give away.  There are a few exceptions of things that I knit and still love, but kind of just forgot about (like these Anemoi Mittens).  But generally, this means there are:

  1. A lot of lace shawls (fun to knit but not really my style);
  2. Several scarves (good for future presents);
  3. Several bags (I really carry one gray purse or my Timbuktu messenger bag and not a whole lot else);
  4. Four pairs of socks (really, I should sew in the ends and wear those);
  5. Five or six hats (in various sizes…thank god I now know small children who will fit some of the smaller hats);
  6. Several mittens and fingerless gloves;
  7. Enough washcloths for me to supply an army (I was sick this summer for a couple days and spent the entire time in bed, watching Netflix and knitting washcloths out of Peaches ‘n Creme using assorted stitch patterns from a Barbara Walker stitch dictionary);
  8. Several small stufffed animals (these will be used for future baby presents – perhaps with a nice handknit washcloth to match);
  9. A Sunrise Circle Jacket (which I was super proud of myself for knitting and should be finished even though I’m not quite sure if I’ll ever wear it);
  10. Other things that I no longer remember even though it was just last night that I went through the entire pile.

You get the picture.  Well, not literally because I didn’t take one.  I was going to take a picture of all of the projects spread out over my bed, but then I realized that I was being very careful to not look at the full bed but only corners of it to prevent myself from shock and that it wouldn’t be fair to the internet-world to subject them to that shock.

The list above isn’t even touching on the projects that are just barely started or the yarn (oh, the yarn).  If I could open a small knitwear boutique, I think I could open a full sized yarn shop (not really…but it feels close).  Of course, even with all of this yarn, I’m missing some of the yarn for stuff I actually want to knit.  Oh the irony.  Guess yarn shops won’t disappear from my world quite yet!  And I’m off to sort the remaining yarn.  And to decide  if I dare to actually try to catalog both the knit objects and the yarn (using Ravelry?  a spreadsheet?  nothing because trying to list it all is likely to make me want to put my head under the covers and not think about the sheer bulk of it?).

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