Pattern fix for Saartje’s Booties

Its been a very long time since I’ve written (but I have grand plans to start posting regularly), but I wanted to let everyone (aka anyone who is actually reading this), that I fixed two problems in my pattern for Saartje’s booties.  I messed up counting (12-20 does not equal 8 rows in case you were wondering – who would know that I was once a math major) and then also had a typo in row 28 (previously labeled row 29).

Also, I’ve been getting questions about yarn choice and needle size.  I’ve made most of mine on size 2 DPNs using fingering weight yarn and hoping that leads to roughly 3 month sizing.  Babies, in my not-so-vast experience, appear to vary a fair amount in sizing.  The sizing also should be the same as the original pattern and Fleegle’s modification, if that is helpful.

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