Cars and Trucks and Things That Go

Did anyone ever read Cars and Trucks and Things That Go when they were a kid?  It was one of my favorite books that lived at my grandparents’ house, although the main fun part of it was looking for the little gold bug one every page (which then inspired the naming of my first car…but that’s a whole other story).

Anyway, in the midst of my friends’ baby boom, I’ve decided I need to make a set of knitted toys based on vehicles.  A taxi was the initial idea, but then its spread to pick-up trucks and construction vehicles and all other sorts of things.  As usual, I searched Ravelry first and found only one option, which

a) cost money,

b) would need to be mailed to me and I thought I was in a rush (later I found out that my friend had the baby before I finished so now it feels like since I missed that deadline, there’s a bit more time), and

c) maybe wasn’t knit in the round (and we all know how I feel about that).

So, off I went to design my own pattern.  First was a sketch.

But, I think better in 3D and I was having some trouble figuring out the size and proportions from my sketch.  So, next up was a paper model.

Then, there were some minor problems with knitting (note to self: intarsia in the round is doable, but not very much fun and duplicate stitching is really much, much easier).

Finally, things worked out (I think) for the body of the car.  But, I decided to do the wheels separately and am having a bit of trouble deciding what the best way to do them is.  So, here’s my wheel-less taxicab in progress.  Still to be done is grafting, some more duplicate stitching, and, of course, the wheels.  Pattern to come once I figure out how in the world to do the wheels.

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