Baby Time

I made a trip up north to Baltimore (my hometown) and New York (where I lived for a while) and got to drop off two baby gifts.  Somehow, I have a continuous stream of friends who are having kids as I also have two more to mail off.  My usual baby gift is a knitted toy and baby booties made out of the remainders.  I used to do sweaters which are super cute but seem like a fair amount of work for something that is only going to fit for a short amount of time.

Anyway, gift number one was Elijah the elephant and my version of Saartje’s booties, both knit with Plymouth Encore yarn.  Elijah is exactly to pattern but Saartje’s booties I have modified so I can knit them in the round from the top down (Fleegle’s modification, also knit in the round is knit from the bottom up and is a bit fiddly for me).  These booties I also modified to be Mary Jane style.  I have my version written up and will post it so others can use it if they want.  It ends up with only two ends per bootie (booty?  how do you spell the singular of booties without implying something quite different) to sew in.

Gift number two was Sheldon and Sockabooties, both exactly to pattern.  There was a grand plan to knit up a shell, head, and feet to put on top of the sockbooties, but sometimes simplicity is better.  Maybe next time (the parts are mostly knit up, but there definitely was no time to sew it all together).

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