Its Blog-Thirty!

OK – so I’m a little late to the knitting blogging world.  So it might not be blog-thirty but actually blog-forty-five or something like that.  And I tend to be late to everything, so this is nothing new.  There are a gabajillion knitting blogs out there that got there before me.  I was sitting on my parents deck trying to come up with a name for this lovely site and my dad could not believe how many knitting sites were out there (and that they took all of his ideas for naming the site).  And I’ll get to why I like my name in a sec.  But the gabajillion other blogs and knitting websites of course makes me wonder what will make mine different.  However, I have a couple modifications to existing patterns and a couple of my own patterns that I wanted to put out in the universe somewhere.  Where better to put them but a blog?

And, regarding the name – I have a hatred of seaming.  And really all finishing.  I love knitting, but when I’m done with the knitting part, I want the project to be done.  And generally if its not done at that point, it tends to sit in a closet, on the floor, in a corner, or somewhere else for a very very long time until it actually gets finished.  Hence I tend to convert patterns to limit finishing by knitting in the round, grafting (which I strangely don’t put with seaming – it feels more like knitting to me), picking up stitches, and anything else I can come up with to avoid seaming (even if the conversion takes me three times as long as the seaming would take).  But basically, I knit everything in the round which means that I’m always being careful not to twist 🙂

Anyway, thats the deal with this (hopefully) lovely site.  More to come (of course).

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