Saartje’s Booties in the Round – take two

I’ve cleaned up the pattern for my version of Saartje’s booties.  saartjebooties
My version is knit in the round with no seaming and only 2 ends per booty to weave in!  My cleaned up version is now available in PDF format with pretty pictures and all.  saartjepattern
You can now download it off my patterns page.  Knit and enjoy!

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Ahoy all ye out thar in internet land!  For me next Susan B. Anderson toy (aye, I told ye I had a bit o’ a knittin’ crush on her), I give ye…..Hippo

hippo from Itty-Bitty Toys!  

OK – enough pirate talk (pirate translations provided by Pirate Monkeyness and given because today is National Talk Like A Pirate Day).  

Anyway, hippo is very cute and knit in Araucania Ranco Solid (with accents in some KnitPicks sock yarn that I got a long time ago and don’t remember the name of).  I thought this yarn was superwash (my normal requirement for baby toys) and I think the tag says it is.  But, Ravelry says it is not so.  Still, hippo is very cute and awesome.  And is planned as a present for baby #2 in the parade of babies this fall.  Baby #2 is due in December (see how ahead of schedule I am?).  

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Easiest, best toddler sweater

This is a bold claim, I know.  And maybe a bit of an exaggeration.  But, I was super happy with the pattern.  Even though I don’t have the world’s most amazing photos of the completed sweaters.  Anyway, the pattern is in threes: a baby cardigan.  Blue In Threes CardiganIts a short sleeve cardigan knit in the round from the top down.  And the sleeves are really just the yoked shoulders, so it is just knit in one go from the top down.  Which I have to say is ingenious.  I made it for both of my nieces with random Caron Simply Soft that I had lying around.  I think the sweater would look amazing in most yarns – its simple enough to show off pretty yarns really well.  I also love that its a little big on both my nieces now so will likely fit them for two years, although its a fast enough knit that I don’t mind if it doesn’t.  Can you tell I’m really happy with this pattern?  IMG_0721

Anyway, enough blabber.  For all my professed love of this pattern, I apologize for the photos in this post.  I didn’t get great photos (I was borrowing my father’s camera and it had a weird lens on it that I’m sure has some specific use that is definitely not taking pictures of knit sweaters).  But, don’t let the photo quality fool you about the pattern quality.


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Another Susan

I have a bit of a knitting crush.  On someone with an awesome name.  Susan.  But, a much more famous Susan than me.  Susan B. Anderson to be exact.  I’ve knit a fair number of knitted toys.  But Susan Anderson’s are always cute, well-written, the right mix of simple and interesting, and knit in the round.  I realized how much she’s become my go-to source of toys when all three of the toys I’m knitting for the incoming babies (the first of whom was born yesterday!) are Susan Anderson patterns.  Anyway, for the first new baby, I give you Ribbit, knit in Sugar ‘n Cream.  RibbitI’ve knit this pattern before, but not with the tennis ball.  Instead, I usually stuff the body and add in a rattle or a bell.  But this one has the tennis ball and is pretty cute, if I do say so myself.

On the Susan Anderson subject, she also did an awesome interview on the Fiber Hooligan podcast.

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Driving and assorted knitting stuff

I do have some finished stuff to show  you.  A hippo, a frog, some booties, and the like.  But, I don’t have pics yet because it has been windy the last couple days (so I went kiteboarding).  And then I’m driving 7 hours today and 7 hours tomorrow.  Which means that I’m currently trying to do a little work, pack for a week at the beach with my extended family, scrounge food for breakfast (because grocery shopping also did not happen), and apparently write a blog post.

So, I shall instead give you cool knitted items (oh Neatorama, how I can waste so much time with you).   I give you knit fungi!  

And an octopus that’s knitting (I kinda want to try to make this too).  

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Never ending projects

The next time I complain about a project feeling like it is going on forever and ever and ever, remind me to look at this picture (found on Neatorama).  Anything I work on has to be smaller than a giraffe sweater.  And will actually get used (hopefully).

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Baby booties and a present for me

I pulled out my stock of leftover sock yarn while working on the rabbit clothing.  And it has all been sitting on our pool table for the last week or two.  [Yes, we have a rather large pool table in our living room which came with our apartment.  No, this has not turned me into a pool shark.  Somehow, it is usually used for piling clean laundry, folding clean laundry, and holding knitting.]  Anyway, I decided it wasn’t all going to be used for rabbit clothing so thought that maybe the new babies should get some cute booties.  Small, quick, satisfying – just my level these days.  I started on the Yarn Harlot’s cutest booties.  Yarn Harlot booties purple

About halfway through the first booty (bootie?  I think its booty but I’m not knitting a butt), I got the sneaking suspicion I wouldn’t have enough yarn with this pretty purple.  The easy answer to figure this out is to weigh the half-knit booty and the remaining yarn.  To have enough, the remaining yarn would need to weigh about three times the booty.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a scale.  In the past, I’ve used my sister’s scale or a friend’s, but they are all elsewhere in the country.  I tried to use the postal scale at a kiteboarding shop that does mail-order, but it only goes down to 0.05 pounds (or about 22 grams).  Given that a pair of booties is supposed to take about 30 grams of yarn total, this doesn’t really work.  But, Amazon Prime came to the rescue and I’ll have the answer on Wednesday when this present to myself comes to my house.


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